Beginning from family business, HongDuc Company was established in 1997 in Lam Dong province where known for high-quality tea in Vietnam. Up to now, The Company is purchasing 9,000 to 10,000 tons of raw materials directly from farmers every year. The company specializes in producing, processing and export of black and green tea to many countries in Asia and Middle East including Taiwan, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan, etc.



With the advantage of a manufacturing, Hong Duc is a fully integrated tea company that sources; custom formulates, and wholesales tea. Our mission is to bring our customers high quality, value, product safety, reasonable price, flexible delivery time and good service based on highest ethical and professional conduct.



HongDuc always try to bring the best values that satisfy all customer expectations. Let us have the opportunity to do business with customers based on accountability and credibility of the company. In the future, Hongduc Company intends to provide best products and service for both domestic and foreign consumers.


Withering– Withering is a process of removing excess water from the leaves. The objective is to evaporate much of the tea leaf's water content so that the leaf becomes soft and pliable.

Pan firing - This process is accomplished by moderately heating tea leaves, thus deactivating their oxidative enzymes, without destroying the flavor of the tea

Bruising - To promote and quicken oxidation. This may help to change the taste and shape of the tea.

Fermentation - this is important process in the formation of aroma,taste and featured liquor for blacktea .

Rolling/Shaping -The tea can be formed other shapes by hands or machines, such as being rolled into spirals, tied into balls and other elaborate shapes.

Drying- the main purpose is to suspend the activity of the enzyme process and remove moisture from the leaf particles and to produce a stable product with good keeping quality. Under the effect of drying temperature, the aroma of tea is improved and promoted



Round Black Tea

Greentea Ginger

Dried - Tea Leaf

Greentea Broken

Greentea PS